UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement – Savings Calculator

 UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement and Supplement Savings Calculator

As most of you may know by now, since 2012 the government has introduced a new income requirement for a British and settled person wishing to sponsor their Non-EU Spouse / partner. This brought the requirement for the British national (sponsor) up to an earning of at least £18,600 per annum, with no third party sponsorship allowed (you can’t get your rich uncle to stand in for you like old times).

These rules have had a disastrous  effect on Brits who are not earning a high income but never the less play very important roles contributing to this nation; people such as teaching assistants, care workers e.t.c, who would not be able to meet this threshold; in fact it is reported that up to 40% of the UK population do not earn this level of money.

MM v SSHD (2014) – Outcome of MM minimum income case in Court of Appeal

Unfortunately, the Home Office/Government has recently won a court of appeal case challenging the legality of these rules in the MM and others Case 2014 ( see previous Post on this), in which the income threshold rules were upheld. This means  that more families will continue being separated by these harsh rules as the case proceeds further to the Supreme Court for the final hearing. 


Meanwhile, those who continue to be affected are looking for  ways to meet the rules (e.g. with a second job or savings) or other alternatives, including emigration to another EU country (see my blog on –Surinder Singh route). Of course, the government has previously  tried to close  the door on this route by introducing a ‘centre of life’ requirement at the start of this year (see blog) but this has been held to be a breach of EU law in  O v The Netherlands Case C‑456/12).

How To Meet the UK’s Spouse Visa Income Threshold Using Savings:

Of course not everyone can relocate to another country or find a second job,  especially if you are a single mother with a little one. Thus others are left with no option but to try to find a way to meet the income rules from within the UK.

Among the many questions I get asked on this issue, I have noted that most people find it difficult to calculate how much they need to have in savings if their UK income falls short.

It is puzzling that the government has made it so complex to even figure out if you qualify; it is certainly not a matter of a simple calculation e.g. one would expect that if you are earning £18,000 then savings of £600 would be enough to cover you, right? Wrong – that is not how the sum is done, you must have the extra amount PER YEAR for the period of the visa. The government also disregard any savings below £16,000, meaning that you need £16,000 PLUS the shortfall amount PER YEAR for the duration of the visa.

UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement – Savings Calculator

Find out for yourself how much you need to have in savings if you don’t currently earn enough to meet the current UK Spouse Visa income threshold under the Immigration rules and wish to use your savings as a supplement. Please note that third party sponsorship is not allowed and that the money must be either in your bank account or your spouses account. Also the money must have been held in the bank for at least six months prior to making the application. 

*Please note that, Dont use this caluculator is you already earn £18600 and above!. Also, whereas great care has been taken in creating this calculator, this is not a legal guide and not a substitute for proper legal advice. The income threshold has many complex aspects that I could not list here (e.g. if it is a new job, varying incomes, self employment e.t.c.); if you want to be certain, why not call about your case today; everyone gets a free initial consultation.

If you have been affected by this issue or any other UK immigration matter, please contact Tito, a UK Immigration and Human Rights Solicitor, for a Free Initial Consultation about your legal options – it’s free! Call 07544 669131 Or on Skype: tito.mbariti.


166 thoughts on “UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement – Savings Calculator

  1. Ratna

    Dear Sir,
    I just notice your information in the Britcits ,I hope you will help me about mm case my daughter just got married and started her job since June this year she is earning 18000 and part time about £130 a month but pay cash in hand now she want to sponsor her husband who is currently in uk and his student visa run out in 2 week time. But she got only 3 months pay slip and from part time job only cash in hand but pay slips are provided any help would be much appricited and cash in hand money need to deposit or only payslip req? Thank hope to hear from you.

  2. Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    IT IS DIFFICULT, ALTHOUGH NOT IMPOSSIBLE, to proof income is receiving cash in hand due to luck of necessary documentation e.g. require to show money deposited in bank, payslips etc. Give me a call please we can chat about it,you may want to use a comp tenet Uk Immigration Solicitor when making the application to help you gather the right documentation

  3. Rhi D.

    Dear Author,

    Is there any clear regulation on how long the UK citizen must be earning income in order to sponsor a non-UK spouse? I am British and my husband American; we are discussing moving to the UK, but I have not worked in the past year (due to the complications of the american legal system, which are also ridiculous!). I will be able to obtain employment in the UK but we are trying to determine what length of separation will be necessary and this information does not seem to be readily available.

    Any information you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

  4. gul

    Hi.I am on full housing and council tax benifit.I have two daughters 7 year little one 8 months I am on income support n child tax husband in pakistan I want spounser him on spouse visa but I don’t what I do I can’t do full time jobi don’t have any family in UK who help any help any option for single mum.many thanx

  5. Cockie Hernandez

    Hi sir, I’m Filipina , my husband is a british we got married in singapore last sept,2014… We live together in singapore before cause he was working there, last January he change his job, he is working in uk now .. This coming March he wants me to apply a spouse visa.. His salary is £28,000 per annum.. And I have a savings of about £6,000 for 8 months and my husband have only 3. Months savings on his bank account.. Is this qualified to apply a spouse visa? Please help me sir ..

  6. Johna Leigh

    Sir, I would like to seek advice.. I am a british citizen and i have a 4 month old baby who is also a britisg citizen. My partner/baby’s father is a Filipino and is in the Philippines . I don’t have a job since no one will look after my baby therefore i cannot meet the financial requirement of £18,600. I need my partner because how will my baby and I cope..I am not relying on publics funds. Is there any other way to sponsor my partner.Thank you

  7. Steven Earl

    I am wanting to return to the UK with my family. I was born in England and hold a English Passport. My wife is Australian and we have 3 small children ages 1, 2, and 3. I plan to get British passports for my 3 children this year. Can you please tell me how many pounds we will require before my wife can apply for a visa, Kind regards Steven Earl

  8. josie

    My daughter wants to marry her boyfriend who’s English. He works but also made money as an independent contractor which they said woul not count as income but he pays taxes on it. Will they count any money that she has and is it better for them to get a fiance visa or to marry in the states and get a marriage visa. she is us citizen and very distraught at the situation thanks for any assistance.
    she is in new York he in london. he also owns his own apartment

  9. Solicitor Tito Post author

    provide that work he does as independent contractor is legally earned i.e. tax return, invoice and bank statement to prove it then it should be counted However check this with your solicitor as the actually facts may make a difference.

    also depending on whether it is possible best to get married abroad then come as spouse as then you on need to apply for spouse visa and save yourself the money on fiancee visa – anyway depends on individual circumstance and preference

    best to tell her to give me a ring on facetime or Skype and we can look at the options.

  10. Solicitor Tito Post author

    hi Steven, you would need to have a job earning £18,600 in UK for 6 month, or in OZ with a job offer in England at least 18,600

    otherwise you need to show savings of £62500 for six month before application, contact me on Skype or facetime and can discuss more

  11. Solicitor Tito Post author

    Dear Johna, it is difficult in you position to sponsor you husband unless you can show saving of £62500 in you/ or his account for 6 months . give me a call for quick chat

  12. Solicitor Tito Post author

    Dear Cockie, please can you call me on Skype or facetime. if you husband earns more than £18600 PA for 6 month he does not need to also have saving, besides the Home Office ignore any savings believe £16000. Please contact me for a quick chat , may be able to help you

    UK Immigration Lawyer

  13. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    I think you will find it very had to sponsor your non-eu husband if you are on benefit and not work, the whole reason the government changed the rules was to bar person in your circumstance. unless you can show income of about £18,600 ( which is very difficult for a single mum with little ones) or saving of £62500 ( huge amount for most) you would not be able to sponsor your husband for spouse visa

  14. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    It depend on how you do your records and account but yes in theory you should be able to qualify if you earn atleast £18600 as per your tax returns. give me a call for a quick chat and we see how i may be able to assist

  15. Rabbe

    Hi, I worked as a security guard from 13th September 2012 to 5th Feburary 2015 and altogether I have earned in total of £24177.99. Can I use my payslips to prove that I have earned those years and hopefully to get my wife from Bangladesh to bring her in to the UK?

  16. Tony Pearch

    Dear Tito, I’m a British citizen other than by decent, my 7 year old son was born in Thailand by decent, does the threshold income/savings also apply to myself? Its all so very confusing!

    Thank you

  17. M

    Hello, i was working part time at 656 per month and now my mother is helping me with my 3 kids and i can do most of my work from home since its an online business so i am earning full time 1900 per month.. I want to sponsor my husband.. Does HO question why suddenly i started full time? Or its ok reason to be that i want to sponsor husband?

  18. Rob S

    Dear Sir,
    My wife has been in the UK since 17/12/2008 and has been on 2 discretionary visa’s since then – the one is still current which expires March 2017.
    The goal posts keep moving with time and wondering if changes still apply to us?!
    I feel sure will need representation next time.
    Since the recession started during 2008/9 I’ve been on working/child tax credits and earn nowhere near enough what’s expected of todays goal posts (if will apply)
    I am born and bred British Citizen in the 1950’s, my wife South East Asian and have daughter 6yrs 4months between us.
    Would you think when the time comes to see you, would I have to go to the extent of selling my home (reducing) to input the required amount of lump sum of £62,500 and also live from balance and stop receiving my Working/child tax credits?

  19. shaj

    hi, i applied for my spouse visa, my wife got refused last week from Pakistan. my pay rate is 9.14 per hour, contractual income is 1549.96 per month. but we get paid bonus every year plus i do lots of extra annual income on p60 was 26512.93 last year. which i submitted with the application. i have a right to appeal. should i reapply for spouse visa or go for appeal. please advise me.


  20. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    based on the little info you have given unless you have new different evidence i think you should appeal as the law provides that Overtime, commission-based pay and bonuses will be counted as income. please contact me via Skype for further analyses of your case

  21. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    please contact me via phone – if your wife was granted DLR under old rules then the transition provision should apply and should be applying for ILR next – anyway make sure you use a good uk immigration lawyer to avoid your application being confused with the new 10 year route

  22. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    so long as you have all the documents prepared well (use a uk solicitor) it should make no difference that you have worked more hours to sponsor your husband , once your husband comes on spouse visa, can also work and you can reduce your hours again

  23. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    please contact me as i don’t really get it, if you wife also British? you don’t need any extra to sponsor your son who is British as your son needs no vis so if you wife is Thai, you need income of £18600pa

  24. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    yes! if your current salary is at 18600 pa with same employer last 6 month – please a good uk immigration lawyer to check your paper work on this as it is difficult to advice you with this without full details of the income

  25. Narmada

    I am a british citizen and I have just started working in the uk with my starting salary being £21,000. My fiance who is working in singapore is applying fiance visa to come to uk and marry me and then after marriage we will apply spouse visa. Do I meet the financial requirements for spouse visa or do I need to show savings? Also, he will be staying in my parents house until we get married (we can’t live together before marriage), so will that cause any problems in the visa?

  26. Bobby

    Hi Tito, my wife and I married on the 9th November 2014, but we met way back in 2012, we had our first baby together on July (she has a daughter from another guy)
    I earn near enough 19 grand a year and I would love for them to join me in the U.K, I don’t have any savings, but I do get DLA of £174.40 per month, do I still have to make the financial requirements to get them into the uk? And also, how do you go about getting my baby daughter a British passport?

  27. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    depends on they way of operate your business, you must show full finical year company return and other documents of your latest self assessment – please consulate you uk immigration lawyer on this issue or get one as it really depends on nature of your self employment

  28. UK Immigration Solicitor Tito Post author

    You would need to find a job earning the relevant income and then work at that job for atleast 6 month before you can sponsor your wife for settlement visa- contact me on Skype for quick chat on how you could minimises the separation from your wife

  29. Mixa

    Hi there
    My wife left second job which was fulfilling 18600 so now it’s on 14500 per anum Nd my case is under process. So will they check current income status or they will relay on the 6 month payslips of 18600 per anum which was submitted

  30. ashraf

    Hi i have to apply for my wifes 30 months extention. My wife has right to work so i was told we can combine our incomes to meet the £18600 threshold. My annual income is £10483.20 and my wifes annual income is £8985.60. Our total combined income is £19466.80. Both of us are paying national insurance but bot our incomes dont meet the £11000 tax threshold is that a problem?

  31. ashraf

    ashraf May 21, 2016 at 12:59 am
    Hi i have to apply for my wifes 30 months extention. My wife has right to work so i was told we can combine our incomes to meet the £18600 threshold. My annual income is £10483.20 and my wifes annual income is £8985.60. Our total combined income is £19466.80. Both of us are paying national insurance but bot our incomes dont meet the £11000 tax threshold is that a problem?
    Also we both work for same employer

  32. Shah Jehan

    I am self employed and currently I have 15 months left in my spouse visa to expire. So for renewal of my visa how much balance I have to show ?

  33. Mar

    Hi, one cuestion , my husband is british citizen and I am from Ecuador , he has a tiny business and he eanrs 18600 £ per year , we have vat , stament account full year , s302 , vat, taxs paid, there is something else to prove ? I will apreciate your answer

  34. Malikk

    I am a British Citizen living in Karachi Pakistan with my husband since 5 years. I want to take him with me to UK. I have a saving of £80,000 in my Pakistan Bank since a month. How to go about it ? Also can I apply for my sister’s UK visit visa ?

  35. Francisca

    can i send a p11 form instead of payslips? I have lost 4 months worth of my payslips and my company couldn’t retrieve it. They sent me a p11 which details calculations of how much i was paid each month and tax deducted. Will that be ok?
    Please reply

  36. Varun Jyothykumar

    Hi, I’m a student looking to stay as an unmarried partner in the UK. Me and my girlfriend would have been together for more than 2 years after I graduate. We both currently have jobs from legitimate sources and get paid direct debit regularly.
    Would this mean both our incomes would be considered in the financial requirement? I have read that this is allowed when the applicant is living in the UK and employed.
    Thanks – Varun

  37. Varun Jyothykumar

    Our yearly pay would collectively come up to 29,000 on full time or 20,000 if she were to work part time and do her masters.

  38. Amy


    My Partner and I both live in the UK. He is an American currently here on a Tier 1 visa. We were thinking of applying for a partnership visa once his current one has run out. Seeing as we are both living and working in the UK, we were wondering both of our incomes would go towards meeting the financial requirement?

    Many thanks,

  39. Sameer

    Yes you can apply through singh route search about singh route then you ll understand tha way is very easy

  40. Hanif ali

    Hi …what things do u exactly need to apply for a spouse to come to uk from Bangladesh …£18’600 annual income and 6 months to show…but what else and also how can someone prove that they talk as watts app and tango and imo and viper are all free talk…do they provide detailed statements on request…plz plz advice….as I cannot find out in any way…many thanks…Ali!!!!

  41. zahid hossain

    I live in Bangladesh. my wife live in UK. unfortunately she can’t show the requirement that needed. is it possible to show money from Bangladesh? can i go to visit to my wife?

  42. Jeniffer

    Hi I am earning 427 a week as a nanny in England .I am a single mum and would like to sponsor my seventeen years old daughter in Philippine…my income is enough to sponsor and she can travel alone or not….please reply thanks

  43. Susan Harlow-Charlton

    Hi I’m a British Citizen, currently living in Australia! I did sponsor my Australian husband back in 2003, we moved back to Australia in 2007 due to my fathers illness! My husband already has a national insurance number, we both applied for & got full time care work in Wales, 2012, combined we would have earned at least £36000 pa but I was told it was only on my wage (which wasn’t enough) so we were not able to move back!! Am I correct in the understanding that, if I had a wage of £16000pa & a place to live I would still need at least £22000 saved up in the bank, either account, before I am allowed to sponsor my husband!! Regardless if he had a job or not!!
    We are desperate to move back to the UK!! Miss it greatly!!
    Thank you

  44. Hayat

    Hi. My husband British self employed offshore the problem is he doesn’t need to pay tax due to work out of UK. If he will show saving money from selling his car and money gift from parents to sponsor me to the UK is it possible for self employed? Please advise

  45. sukh

    my wife is working in sainsburry on 39hr contract.her annual gross income is £13000 can we count gross income or net income combined with savings.she got payslips and banks statements for savings and pays.can you help us how much savings we need ?

  46. Musarat ali

    I’m a British citizen and my two duaghters also British citizen . But my husband is not bristish . I’m in uk. Can you plz tell me another option instead of 18600 because I’m jobless right now. How can I apply for my husband?
    Thx best regards

  47. Mikhael

    Hi there,
    I recently got married in Bangladesh sylhet last year, my wife is expecting a baby on August 2016 I will be apply for a British passport for the baby.however I want to know do I need to show the income of the new born baby too
    I need your advice on this?

  48. Natalie smith

    I work full time and want to bring my spouse to UK but i dont meemt the finicial requirement, b4 tax is 16,600, what do i do in this case. Please advise.

  49. Mahsa

    Hi sir ,, i wana know 62500£saving should be showne in uk account only or my sponsor can have it in his other countries bank and translate ??

  50. Mahsa

    Dear sir,,
    I wana marry my boy Firend who had married once befor and used uk emigration rules and devorced last mouth,, dose his ex marriage effect on my case ?

  51. Sara Shaw

    I am, like many other, completely frazzled on what to do with the whole financial aspect. My husband and I just applied for the spouse visa (I am American and he is in the UK). He is self employed, and made £19,969 before tax. We thought, because of every piece of info we found, that they were only looking at his pre tax income. However, we were refused, because post tax, he did not make enough at £14,000 pounds (roughly). We took this number to his accountant who told us this net tax number, and their calculations (done by the UKBA) were wrong. These numbers were on his tax papers (gross and net), but his accountant explained how they worked, however it’s hard to relay the message. Even so, my husband was still making just a thousand post short of the requirement at roughly £17,000. My question is this: since we cannot reapply on self-employment until next tax year, his dad has offered to employ him to meet this financial requirement. However, wouldn’t this just be self employment all over again? I am so lost on what to do and what route to take. We want to go off savings, but don’t know if we can come up with £62,500 🙁 I know we have the money SOMEwhere. We just need to know our options. If you can help in any way, I thank you immensely! We are so desperate!

    -Sara Shaw

  52. Laila

    I want to bring my husband from Saudi Arabia I have a two jobs I earn aroud £19,000 a year. I don’t really know where to start or what to do. Can you advice me please.

  53. Nicholas long

    Hi my name is Nicholas Long I have a girlfriend in the Philippines I don’t have no savings by in around £33,000 a year I’m self-employed and that the moment I work for agencies would this have any effect on me bringing her to the UK

  54. Matthew Ramsden

    Hi Iam a new Zealander and I want to be with my wife in the UK we married in my country she home in the uk. She owns her own home .she works and makes £200.00 per week .iam a plasterer and painter by trade and iam self employed in new Zealand we all so have a son together

  55. Mamun

    I applied spouse visa to bring my wife i submitted application but application refuise because only problem I receive payslip 2nt every month but I received payment to my account 8 or 9 day later that’s why they refused application thay ask given more information why this happen.i give more information to home office what gonna happen now

  56. David

    I’m looking into applying for a spouse visa for my wife. Unfortunately I don’t get paid enough to apply solely on the earnings route. Neither do I have enough savings. I do however have my own house and am considering re-mortgaging it to meet the savings requirement. Basically, at the moment I earn 14,500 per annum and have calculated that I would need around 27, 000 in savings. My question is whether if I did re-mortgage my house would the money be accepted as savings once I had kept it in my bank for six months?

  57. Amna

    My husband and i got married in 2014. I’m a British national and want my husband to come to me as well. I recently came to UK from Pakistan so that i can work here and call my husband here as well. I’m 5 months pregnant and want to make a statement of £18,600 with a handsome job here. My baby is due in September. I need your expert advice on would £18,600 be enough to make statement for my husband or with the baby coming during the statement making period would make it any different?
    Many thanks.

  58. Atika Patel

    If you have more 16,000 saved in your bank account how much do u need to earn for spouse visa?

  59. Andrew

    Been in England now 9 months looking for work , 9 months away from my wife and daughter and times goes by , the clock keeps ticking and not one job that pays 18.600 , this ruling is so cruel and heartless ,looks like I will have to one sell my house to get the 62,500 or two go back to Asia and live in exile

  60. Hafiza Rahman

    Hi there,
    I’m a UK citizen and I want to bring my husband over who lives in UAE but has Bangladeshi passport. I have just had a baby in the UK and I also have a job which meets the requirement of £19000. I was wondering since I have a baby will an addition of £2400 be needed or is that for a child who was born outside the EU? She was born in the UK so please advice me.

  61. Michael

    I keep having to come over to Colombia to see my girlfriend due to the uk immigration rules so I can’t exactly hold down a steady job ah the moment. I have two questions
    1. How long a stay is the calculator referring to? I don’t understand why if I was earning £15k I would still need 25k in savings. I would be earning just over 3k less so why is 25k needed to cover it ?

    2. My dad is selling one of his properties and said if it came down to it , he would give me half the money for the house now instead of in years time . So basically if from the sale he put 70k in my account , and I had it there for 6 month even without me working , would that be sufficient and how long would my girlfriend be allowed to stay?

  62. nafisa khan

    Good morning

    this is a quick question i have a job that salary salary based is 15,000
    and i have a second job that is £10,500 part time job i was working at my second job for 7 months but i had to leave due to my 1st job in was earning to much bonus could this effect my case as i have submitted my paper work in April.

  63. Stevie2027

    Good morning,

    I have a question please.

    My fiancee holds an European passport living the UK. I hold an Algerian passport.We are planning to getting married by October and would like to know the best option for us. She’s been employed since last year and is paid above 18000£ threshold. What’s the best option for me to join her?

    Many thanks in advance.

  64. Albana

    My housband is from Kosovo he is a UK citizen , hi started to work as a self-employed from December 2015. Hi has savings . My question is can we apply for a spouse visa without P60? Or we have to wait until 31 March ?
    Please reply me
    Many thanks


    I have my 6 month payslip which the total of almost £10.000 but on my P60 it shows I’ve earned £14,698 , this is because I was an student beforeI got married and was working less hours at my work please ; as soon as I got married I quit univercity and started to do full time at work . I have created all my documents which reqied but the P60 is bothering me a lot so can you please help me out

    Thank you

  66. Baiti


    I am an indonesian and married with UK man, we still counfuse about income, my husband earned 23.500 this yea n will out the income for april next yearr, our baby due is between on last of oct or 2nd of november and we will creat our baby uk passport to be uk citizen, we plan we will apply spouse visa next year, the question is still mý husband need more income to prove?

    Thank u.

  67. Mary Elizabeth

    I am so confused about this situation!
    I am a British citizen living in Italy (not Italian nationality) and been married to an Italian for 15 yrs. He is retired but his pension (gross) does not “quite” meet up to the requirements of £18,600 -it depends on the exchange rate too?? We would like to sell up and settle down in the uk for the rest of our days.
    We have the money to buy a house, wouldn’t have to pay rent or mortgage, we have substantial savings deposits in the Italian bank which already bring in extra income for the next 7 yrs.
    Would the income law still apply to us even if we do not have such expences to pay?
    We could even rent out a small flat we own instead of selling to gain even more extra income.
    so i If we prove that we can live and get by on our own would it not be enough?
    Thank you

  68. Amna

    My husband had over £20,000 in his account just few months ago but he spent some money on the rennovation of the flat that we both are going to live in. Currently he has over £12,000 in his account and is still getting his wages. Can we process a application for my visa?

  69. Rashida Fareez


    I’m a dependent of a British citizen and having a child (child is a citizen too). I’m not working and our income is not meeting the minimum requirements at the moment (18 600).

    My husband is a self employer.can he show his business share as a saving? If can how much we need to show?

    Looking forward for the reply.

    Thank you


  70. Rashida Fareez


    I’m a dependent of a British citizen and having a child (child is a citizen too).I have another 6 months for renewal. I’m not working and our income is not meeting the minimum requirements at the moment (18 600). How many months of statements and payslips we got to submit?

    My husband is self employed. can he show his business share as a saving? If can how much we need to show?

    Looking forward for the reply.

    Thank you


  71. James


    I am on a tier 5 visa earning £30 000 with high job security. I would like to switch to a spousal visa but my partner does not earn the minimum requirement. Would my income and job security have any bearing on the application process?

    Thank you

  72. ishaq

    Hello just to know i am self employer how much do need to earn per year to apply for spouse visa and 1 child ..

  73. Swati

    Hi, my spouse visa expiring next month and we are self employed both direstors of the company so we get income/dividends. My last financial year ended in september 2015 I registered the company before bt traded just four months so in that period we didnt earned much but after sept 2015 till july 2016 in 10 months we have earned more then financial income requirement and have sumbmited files for tax returns . So basically my question is that even though i have proper income and all the paper work but its been just 10 months so what should i do dpes it have to be 12 months???

  74. Auzun

    Hi I meet the cat a requirement as a non salaried applicant but I do not get payslips from the company I work. What documents can I supply to support my application?


  75. Frank Brown

    Hello, I have a quick question, I hope you can help with. I hope to bring my Russian girlfriend over to the Uk for a holiday initially, my earnings are actually stated on my payslip as £18300, however I work nightshift so I actually get paid 20% extra due to this, on my salary equating to about £21500 per year so would this be ok to satisfy immigration for my GF to come here for initially a tourist visa and eventually for her to come on a marriage visa? Do I just need to explain my pay is actually higher than that stated on my payslip??
    I actually also earn approximately £1500 extra per year from a part time self employed job so my real earnings are like £23000 per year maybe even close to £24000 per year.


  76. Karen tamba

    Hi my husband is here on a spouse visa and works full time on minimum wage. I get high rate dla for both categoris. Will we have enough to apply for FLR we are both in the uk he’s from Gambia ?
    Thank you

  77. Amreeb

    I am earning 19,000 including tax. Will that make a difference to my case as I earn less than the required 18,600 after tax is deducted.

  78. sonia

    HELLO…i am italian nation and right now i am in uk for last six months. my husband is indian. I would like to switch to a spousal visa and want to settle in uk so what can i do??

    thank you

  79. Sara

    Hi I have a question please I want to marry my boyfriend he is British citizenship and his income is 13000£ a year he is self employed and I am student here and I have only 2 weeks for my visa any help what to do emergency plz

  80. Hassan

    I am the sponsor, the applicant has savings. she fled from the war in Yemen and we have been in Jordan together with our British national sonetwork for 7 months. I don’t have last 6 months bank statements. what can I do to apply for the settlement visa?

  81. Candy

    Hi can you help me. I have been out of work for over a year due to ill health. I have a fiancé in Morocco who I visit regular and I’ve been seeing him two years. We want to marry but the income is so high to start with. I am going self employed soon but it will take a while to start earning. I wondered if other incomes count. I rent out a property for £415 per month which I’m going to raise to £550 as it’s worth more. I get £500 child support from my ex husband for our 3 children. The property I rent also has equity of around £50,000. Does any of this help as £18,600 will take such a long time and we plan to marry in September. Thankyou

  82. Tupi nayeso

    Want to sponsor. My wife but was on income benefits for three months due to sickness but I just stopped. Then does it affects our application. Though. I meet the 18600

  83. Bülent Özdoğan

    Hi Helen £18,600 is the annual gross income the sponsor has to earn to bring their spouse to UK.

  84. Bülent Özdoğan

    £18,600 is the amount before tax but if there is a child involved then the annual income has to be £22,400

  85. JC

    Sir, can you give some advise. Im currently studying with my degree in 3rd yr, im also earning around 12k annually to my current job (placement), i have saving account back home in philippines, that would be around £30K if i convert. I was wondering how my status would affect when i apply visa for him. Since in the bank statement there will be money in from student finance? Also may i ask how much money should be left in my account each month? Thank you.

  86. Worried pinay

    Hi! Good day. I’m from the Philippines. UK fiance is still @ work for 3months with salary of £10,800 but had investments amounting to £63,640 ( 2013-2016minutes )+bank savings £2k. but we’re still very worried if we can apply for fiancee visa knowing he needs to be on his job for at least 6months & can prove for a 6months payslips. Pls need your advise…

  87. Worried pinay

    I mean fiance is earning £10,800 per month but he’s working for 3months we still need to wait for another 3months before we do the application to meet the 6months payslips as required? How about his pension investments amounting to £63,640 ( from 2013-2016 ) & £2k money in other savings can we count it in? Pls do need your advise…


  88. Sania

    Hi i want to know my cousin has wife and 3 childrens but 1 child has british passport as he was born after father had his british nationality. What sort of income would he need to show to sponsor them? Would he need to show funds for his british passport holder child also who lives with her mother in pakistan??
    I need to know the total income and if he need to have any savings what are they suppose to be??

  89. Michelle Alcasid

    Hi there…. I would like to know.My fiance earning more than 18,600 annually.We are planning to apply for Fiance visa.Everything is ready his documents etc…..However I don;t have a stable job I am helping my family in our family business (Not under my name). I only received allowance from my family.Would that be a problem in my application?

  90. shaz


    my husband is on spouse visa and he earns more then 18,600 a year. I am not working due to my back problem. would this be OK when applying for him again?

  91. seher tanak

    I am on DLA 300 pound a month and I have a part time job where I earn 600 pound so 900 pound a month. Can I sponsor my spouse as I am.excempt from financial requirements.

  92. Rubal garcha

    Hello . My fiance is a British passport holder and I am in india. We r getting married in Feb 2017. I need to know who will be applying for spouse visa. Do I need to apply from India or he has to apply from the UK.

  93. Unyime Umoh

    Hi, I am a delivery driver in UK and I earn roughly £30,000. I am registered to HMRC and pay my tax with proof of HMRC documents. My total expenses goes to £9,000 leaving me with £21,000 after tax. My problem is that my account clearly indicates all income coming in and all HMRC payments going out BUT has been on overdraft for over 6 months now. Will this affect my application? Do I need to show I have sufficient funds left in account ?

  94. Do Not Want to Share

    I have been working with a company for more than 8 months. My salary is £19800/year. I am planning to apply for a spouse visa for my wife this month. She has taken English test and waiting for the results. My problem is that I recently have a personal issue working in the company. This is actually making me thinking of changing my job. I have a job offer in a different company, but the only reason that I am suffering to stay in this company is that I would have to wait for another 6 months if I change my job. That is to collect 6 months of payslips.
    My question is, is that the case that I have to wait or I am just assuming wrong? Will the new contract document work instead of waiting for another 6 months of payslips?

  95. Musskan

    Hi I would like to have some advice about my family I have 3 children and we all are British but we are living in Pakistan for the last 6 years . Now I would like to move back to UK with my family my husband is Pakistani but he has visited UK 4 times and now we are living in Pakistan can my family return back to UK with my husband .we have no accommodation there will I be able to get some help from citizen Bearo . Plz reply thanks

  96. Janat

    I was wondering if you have a fixed salary but aren’t paid one day due to illness so your monthly salary will be a little less will the visa be rejected/ effected on this basis?

  97. Farra

    Hi sir i would like to knw em living with my parents thy r on house benifits like gov pays the rent if i apply for my fiance visa is there gonna b any problm ?…do i need to own a property??to call my fiance here

  98. Shuaib

    I was curious to whether or not I could apply for a spouse visa in my situation. I started the part time role in early April @ 1200 pa and a fixed term contract @17880 pa. My fixed term contract finishes at the end of November, however I have spoken to my part time employer and he has told me once my ftc finishes- I can work change my part time to a full time role (permanent) @ 18880.

    Would I be able to use my previous 6 months payslips from my ftc and part time role for the spouse visa if I get a letter from my part time employer confirming that he will be taking me on full time once this ftc finishes?

    Apologies if I rambled on and thank you in advance for your help.

  99. Raja

    Sir i got 17,690 from 1st job, 2nd job 4,100.. but last 2 months 2nd job payslip and bank pay bit different, payslip 788.00 but they paid 785 through my bank.. can i apply.. pls let me know.. thanks sir.

  100. Zahra

    I currently live and work in the uk. 30k is my income. No savings. Been working for 2 months. Am I eligible to call my Egyptian husband.

  101. Diane

    Hello,I have being married to my husband for 4 yrs with 2 daughters. I wish to sponsor my husband to the UK. I have just started a new job. It is a care work with the contract as a zero hour contract. Although I earn £1550 per month before tax, and have a savings of £8000. Would I be able to apply for my husband to join me in the UK after 6months in the UK? Our children are with me in the UK and are British citizens.

  102. Hanesa


    I am currently earning £1,200 a month. I Get about £800 bonus every month based on comission on sales I sell. would I be able to use this comission/bonus to apply for my husbands spouse visa?

  103. Cherry

    Hi, I want to apply a spouse visa with my partner. She earned £14000-£15000 a year, she worked there around 2 year. I am holding student visa which allowed me work 20 hours a week. And I started work at 3 October, which mean i have not continues work six months, is that possible to use my employment contract as a prove that I earn £7800 (It said in the contract.) Thank you.

    Or if I can get a letter from employer that they willing to hire me as full time after i have my visa. Will it help ?? Thank you so much

  104. EricO

    I am a British Citizen, but (like most) my income falls below the threshold set by the Home Office.

    However, with enough overtime, my monthly NET TAKE HOME PAY (as reflected on the monthly payslip) could POTENTIALLY maximize to around £1,600 per month. My question is… WHERE DO WE BASE THE COMPUTATION FOR THE THRESHOLD SET BY THE HOME OFFICE? Is it based on the monthly NET TAKE HOME PAY (after deducting monthly taxes) or is it based on the GROSS MONTHLY PAY (before taxes are deducted from the salary)?


  105. T MIRZA

    Hi Tito
    Was wondering, I only need too earn £18600 total gross, before tax right? If you cut tax then yearly income will be about £15800.
    Will I still be able to apply for spouse visa?
    Please I look for2to ur reply
    Thanks kind regards….

  106. Zineb

    Hi there
    I’m British citizens and I would like to extend the spouse visa for my non European wife .
    I started a full time employment from 06/16 to meet the financial requirements, my income before tax £19000.00 every month it’s come to my account nearly £1400.00 after tax
    Are we save cus I heard if we apply under A category we need to show that I earn over£1500.00 a month (net payment)?
    Is that correct I’m so confused

  107. Mash


    I want to sponsor my husband who is in Pakistan. I am Britain and we have four daughters. One of my is 20 years old and she is also doing work. I am facing financial requirement of 18600 PA to sponsor my husband. I was on benefits before but now I am doing job. Can me and my daughter income all together full fill financial requirement? I an upset

  108. saringe

    hi im uk 13 ys now im get old i wana marry in my country which is iraq kurdistan ,, i wana do slep employer how much i need to earn money to bring just wife in uk??plz with tax player

  109. ana

    im on spouse visa in uk but now my husband is not working
    i want to ask u that if my uncle gave me £62500 then can i extend my spouse visa

  110. Ala

    Hi we applied last year for a spouse visa , we had £62500 in bank for several months, we own our own home and have been married for ten years, no children, I was claiming carers allowance, for looking after my father, our appication failed

  111. Saranyan

    My wife is in UK and earning £18000 per year along part time job earning £300 per month for past 6 months. She is along with her mom who takes care of mumy wifes bills!

    My self did my masters in UK and lived in UK for 20 months! Is it alright to apply for a settled person spouse visa??

  112. Juls

    Hi Tito
    I’m in a slight mess not certain if you can advise
    I have earned £80,000 in less than a year but I am based in Australia my income was derived from being self-employed and working for a company but at two separate times so not overlapping
    My financials I am not certain of going to stack up technically as I have used different bank accounts for different transactions obviously running a business
    Can I only get a Visa for my wife ,she is looking for a spouse visit and my youngster who is looking for a dependent Visa as I have got a British passport, if I have been in the same appointment for 12 months or can I have moved employment and work for myself
    Cheers and thank you


    If I have no income to declare but sell an investment property to meet the financial requirements of 62,500, how long does the income have to be in my bank account before an application can be made. Because I have owned the house for about 6 years, can I make the application immediately post sale?
    Thank you

  114. Khan

    Hi there,
    I have full fill all required criteria for spouse visa, here I just want to ask that wather that would be any problem if my bank statements showing in credit around end of the month.
    I am earning 21000 plus, saving 7000 pounds and job offering letter for mu spouse as well..

  115. reet parashar

    my husband earns 1600 per month from last six months. but his p60 for the last financial year does not showing he earns 18600.. so will it effect my spouse visa .is that okay if statements and payslips for last 6 months shows he is earning that much and he is able to fulfill the requirement .. could i apply for my spouse visa if p60 is not showing he is earning 18600

  116. Kristin

    Hi I just have a quick question my husband and I are currently working on the join family visa or settlement visa honestly were a little confused of the exact visas we need I am currently living in the us and he is in the uk with our daughters he is making 1000 over the income limit with the possibility next month for a pay raise i was curious if he met the 18,600 half way point early if we could file sooner so I can get there faster to be there for my children which this whole ordeal has been quite difficult on everyone so far and were only half way he would of gotten his 3rd paycheck at the end of april. So yes pretty much is there a way I could get there sooner if the income requirement is reached and exceeded and what visa will I need to file? I’ve seen 2 entry clearance forms followed by the 5 year settlement visa once your in the country or the joining a settled person in the uk. thank you so much for your time

  117. Hamish

    Hello I have a quick question , me and my fiance are in process of collecting our docs to apply for fiance visa , we will hopefully he applying in next few months I have bank statements dating back a year and also my weekly pay slips dating back a year , my earnings clear the threshold quite easily , however I have had a good opportunity to progress networking career come up and maybe change jobs nothing certain yet but it may be a possibility , if I see to change maybe a month before or two months before our application but it would not drop My earnings below the threshold would it hinder my visa application , I already have letter from my current workplace to show I work and contract so I have the docs already if I changed what would I need also to show the same docs pay slips from both jobs to cover the year to show I am eating enough ?

  118. Roy

    hello, Sir/ Madam,

    I am british citizen. I am currently looking for a job. I have 13 years’ working experience as Teacher
    According to my working experience in Hong Kong. I was working full time as an English Teacher. now i move to uk. i also got call from many schools in uk but they offer around 19000. if it is like this i cant give sponsorship to my family i have two children my daughter is 16 years old and my son is 14 years old.
    i have some saving money. i want to know if i got sallary around 19000 per annum then how much saving amount i should show for sponsorship of my husband and two children. Right now I save around £50000 and plus job per annum 19000. I am worried about my daughter as she is going to be 17 and i want to give her sponsorship before 18. my husband working in hong kong. if my husband send some saving to me is it possible that i can apply sponsorship for my all family. thank you so much for your time.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Yours sincerely,

  119. Roy

    hello, Sir/ Madam,

    I am british citizen. I am currently looking for a job. I have 13 years’ working experience as Teacher
    According to my working experience in Hong Kong. I was working full time as an English Teacher. now i move to uk. i also got call from many schools in uk but they offer around 19000. if it is like this i cant give sponsorship to my family i have two children my daughter is 16 years old and my son is 14 years old.
    i have some saving money. i want to know if i got sallary around 19000 per annum then how much saving amount i should show for sponsorship of my husband and two children. Right now I save around £50000 and plus job per annum 19000. I am worried about my daughter as she is going to be 17 and i want to give her sponsorship before 18. my husband working in hong kong. if my husband send some saving to me is it possible that i can apply sponsorship for my all family. thank you so much for your time.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Yours sincerely,

  120. Alan Jones

    Hi. Could you please tell me if my benefits on top of my state pension will be taken into consideration as with this my income is 19500. I only have state pension and disability and housing benefit. Thank you in advance

  121. Siam

    I need to show that I have a weekly income of 187.95 to bring my spouse and daughter to the UK. However, I only can show a weekly income of 180.15. Will this 7.80 less difference cause a problem?

  122. H Al galib

    Dear Sir
    My sister is married to a British man originally from Jordan and she has 2 children recently he got redundant from his job in Qatar, she would like to come and settle in UK but he has a different opinion
    Can she come to UK with her 2 British kids provided she has the sum of 62000 pounds in bank and apply for wife settlement visa?

  123. Saimah

    Hi i am british citizen and i sponsered my husband for a spouse visa in 2015. I need to now apply extension for 2 and half years. My husband earns £11,000 anually and iam on £17,000but i am looking to change my job during the 6months of collecting wageslips before i apply for extension in December i dont know yet what my new wage would be, but my question is would it matter if i change my employment as long as we earn 18,600 annually between us?? Thanks in advance

  124. Al-Jamil Rasul

    I need some advice: My brother, 29, has chronic epilepsy for the past 15 years and he has been on many benefits and medications. If he was to get married in Bangaldesh to a non-U.K. Citizen, what would he need to show?
    He is unfit to work as we have all the necessary documents and is recieving ESA at £200.04 per week, what can you advise?

  125. Shanti Roberts

    Sorry to just put random reply but could you give me a telephone number to call for advice
    Thank you

  126. Musaddiq Usman

    Dear solicitor Tito,

    I am an IT professional,pakistani national working in saudia.
    My wife has ILR for UK on pakistani passport. I have 2 sons. The elder one 9 years was born in Reading uk hence got british passport. But the younger 4 yrs old was born in saudia and has Pakistani passport like me.

    We all family is living in saudi arabia. My wife use to travel alone to uk on and off within 2 years. She is a house wife.

    My wife inherited 25000 pounds from her british mother plus i purchased and hold a property (RESIDENTIAL PLOT) of worth 40000 pounds sine last one year.

    Kindly advice that can v b elliguble to meet minimum threshold requirement from yhese resources to get spouse visa for myself and my younger son.

    Awaiting reply.


  127. Mr Singh

    I am a British national and I want to apply for my wife to join me in the UK from India. I have been working for the same employer for over 1 year. My current gross salary is £18,593 but I am due a pay rise in June which will take me over £18,600. My pay slip will show my new gross annual income and I will have a letter from my employer confirming my new gross annual income. Will I be able to apply in June, after my pay rise or do I have to be earning £18,600 For 6 months before I can apply for a spouse visa?

  128. michelle

    Hi i am on an IlR permit without restrictions. I havent been working for the past year due to some health reasons. I would like my non UK fiancee he is from India to join me in the UK. I have savings of 30000 pounds. My husbands income is 12000 pounds per annum. I have yet to find a job which will take me over the threshold of 18600. What i want to know is- looking at my cumulative savings and his income how long do i need to wait to apply for his visa Once i get a job. Is it mandatory that i wait for 6 months after i get the job? Please advise.

  129. Kelvin Collom

    Hi my name is kelvin I’m currently married to a Filipino. I have a question. I currently work for On a zero hour contract I earnt £12790 last tax year so don’t meet the financial requirement. As I don’t have £30k savings. I’ve been promoted but awaiting start date it’s a job within the same parent company but different subsidiary. The salary is £41k a year and it’s permenant. I’ve been on a zero hour contract for 6 years with the parent company. Am I right in saying that I won’t have too wait six months to apply or do I need to still wait six months. I hope that makes sense. Many thanks, Kelvin Collom.

  130. Hamid

    Regarding the financial requirements is it possible to combine two different types of self employment jobes from the same year example; electrician and mini cab with uber

  131. Hal Bil

    Hi, I will like to know if I can meet the threshold on category B and start counting from February to June and apply in August. I am a company director for a registered company and i received salary as an employee in February, I then worked on a temporary assignment with a recruitment company in March and April. I then had earned some money as a director in my company in May this month.
    I then got a full time permanent job on the 22nd of this month.
    I will like to know if I can combine all income from February till now and add all that till end of June and apply for a spouse visa so far I meet the threshold by adding all income/6 and multiplied by 12.As long as it is up to £22,400 as I have to sponsor my husband and my son.

    I will be glad for your feedback.

    Kind Regards,

    Hal Bils

  132. sarah

    Dear Mam/Sir
    I would like to ask how can i move back to uk and sponsor my husband he is non EU, we are living in Dubai now and i dont have any job so far in uk, is their a way we can move thank you for the advice

    Sarah Fraser

  133. Zobia

    I am here on uk with my husband on spouse visa for 33 months. In February I have to apply again for extension but problem is this our incom doesn’t meet the required threshold which home office has set for applying again. Last time when I applied we have saving of £62600. When I came to uk we bought house from that money. Current incom of my husband is £12000 per annum. My question is that if they don’t endorse my visa for next term, what would be my status n would they sent me back? I am worried please reply my query.

  134. ARIEN

    My name is Robert. I’m 51 years old, from the United States but currently in Syria for peace keeping mission. I want to get to know you better, if I may be so bold. I consider myself an easy-going man, and I am currently looking for a relationship in which I feel loved. Please forgive my manners am not good when it comes to Internet because that is not really my field. Here in Syria we are not allowed to go out that makes it very bored for me so I just think I need a friend to talk to outside to keep me going………..

    I would love to get to know the “real” you as a friend. Your likes, your dislikes, your interests……what makes you.

    My favorite color is Blue. My favorite food is BACON, I could easily become a vegetarian if it wasn’t for bacon!!

    I hope you can tell me more details about your job, relationship and your past………

    am single since i lost my wife
    Hoping to hear from you soon..

  135. Khan

    Dear sir
    How can I contact you phone or Skype please?
    if you can give me your contact details that will be grate.
    Kind Regards

  136. Shazia

    I was wondering if you might clear something up for me. I am British and my husband Trinidadian. We have been living in Trinidad for 7 years and are now thinking of re locating back to Uk. We will be relying on savings as we are selling our property and business here. We are thinking of them renting in Uk until we decide what business we may want to set up there. My question is the money from the sale we will have in an account in Trinidad held for the 6 months required does it matter that it isn’t in a Uk account prior to application? So will they still take it into accout even though it’s in Trinidad dollars?

    Much appreciate your help on this matter

    Thank you

  137. Anna

    I would like to ask you. I came from Slovakia and i live and work in Scotland 12 years.I am working full tíme.My husband live in Egypt.He want aplly for EEA UK Visa.Will embassy ask me about my bank balance? I earn weekly 262 pound if i do overtime then around 380 weekly.I do not have any saving money so thats why i am not sure if this will not be problém in the embassy.
    Thank you


  138. Kotoro Swahili

    I would like to know more about a reunion in regards to mumz who wish be reunited with their children.especially parents with children outsise EEU. It is all about spouses. Please solicitors would please find out for us about, cases like disabled children living apart from their disabled mum or dad as a result of past wars. Those that cant even afford it.but know someone or have someone in their life who do understand how crucial it is, and ard willing to fund these families

  139. Kotoro Swahili

    Hi Dear Solicitor please can you explain to me.Does the salary one earn, lets say the £18800/yr before tax include the money you routinely pay for your bills.because sometimes bills can go beyond what you are intending to save well in today’s real bank account. Money just pass there over to every need you name it.I nee to your help sir.
    Thank yu

  140. Lena Taurus

    Hi Dear Solicitor please can you explain to me.Does the salary one earn, lets say the £18800/yr before tax include the money you routinely pay for your bills.because sometimes bills can go beyond what you are intending to save well in today’s real bank account. Money just pass there over to every need you name it.I nee to your help sir.
    Thank yu

  141. Charlotte Jones

    Hi I currently earn just under 17k and also earn £3228 in benefit which brings my yearly income to £19916. Will I be ok to sponsor my partner from turkey or can I not include the benefit? Obviously it shows on my bank what goes in each month but don’t want to waste an application.

    Many thanks

  142. M.Awais

    Hi.can you please help me out. i’m abit confused .i want to know that the requirement of 18600,is it with tax or without tax.

    Thank you
    kind regards


  143. Shanti

    I have a boyfriend thats a jamaican citizen i am a british citizen i do earn over £18600 but do not have any savings can i still sponsor him

  144. Shanti

    I have a boyfriend thats a jamaican citizen i do earn over £1800 but do not have any savings can i still sponsor him.

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