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Free UK Immigration Advice by SolicitorI currently run a Facebook page which provides a forum for meeting people from all over the world, exchange experiences and share some of my legal analysis or opinion on current UK immigration and Human Rights issues. You can follow me on Facebook by clicking on the link to the right. Feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts, either here on my personal blog or on Facebook. Please note if you are seeking  free Immigration legal advice, due to practical and legal reasons, I won’t be able to respond to long email queries. and it is best if you contact me by phone or on Skype for your free initial consultation with Immigration Solicitors .


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Disclaimer: The information provided on my Facebook page is free but generic, and doesn’t take into account personal circumstances. It is therefore for information purposes only and I accept no liability for its use. If you require advice which is specific for your case then please contact me directly by phone or Skype. Please note that the Facebook page which is linked to this website is a forum for sharing information on immigration laws, and as its moderator I won’t tolerate any profanity, abuse towards other members, or extremist views which may offend.