Letter, Email or SMS from Capita (Home Office)

Have you have recently received a SMS, Email or Letter recently from UKBA ( Capita) asking you to either apply for visa or leave the country?

Who are Capita?

On 9 April 2013, following loads of criticism against the UKBA for not keeping a tab of migrants who keep disappearing ( See news), the Home Office is launched a pilot scheme with  Capita partnership, where migrants whose permission to stay in the UK is due to expire are reminded to either apply for further leave, or depart from the UK.

How it works?

Under the contract, Capita randomly selects sample group of migrants with whom they make contact. This are normally  those whose leave to remain in the UK  was due  to expire. Starting with those whose leave was expiring in  June 2013. Capita send them  a letter, email or SMS reminding them to

  • Apply for further leave to remain in the UK, or
  • Make plans to depart before their permission to stay expires.

Normally  such individuals will receive further reminders a month later, and then 7 days before visa expires.

What is I have applied for a visa already or have a visa?

Capita  is meant to work closely with the UKBA but there seem to be some issues with the system, where a few of my client with valid visa or who have applied for visa still get this SMS. If your one of them then don’t stress out it just mean there records are inaccurate( no surprise there!).

What to do?

If leave is not due to expire in the next 2 months, they have already applied to extend their leave, or they have left the UK or or don’t need one (e.g EEA National) – then all you need to is update their records. You can contact Capita or Speak to one of their advisor by calling  0844 375 4646 or email Capitapep@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

If you have no visa, your visa is about to to expire then they maybe on to you and would advise you to contact a solicitor to assist you regularise your status in the UK or apply for and extension.