Fake News and Fake Immigration Lawyers – Don’t Get Scammed – Get the right UK Immigration Lawyer

Lately, I have heard quite a few accounts of people who have been ‘advised’ by someone who is claiming that they are an Immigration lawyer/advisor, but have given migrants shockingly bad advice, which lands them in more trouble than they bargained for. Are these people really lawyers? And how can you find out for sure? There have also been many cases of ‘fake news,’ but how can you find out if it’s fake news and avoid being taken in?

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UK Ancestry Visa

To be eligible to apply for an ancestry visa you need to meet the following requirements:

Eligibility requirements:

1. Country and Age:

  • Be a Commonwealth citizen and aged 17 or over

To apply for an ancestry visa, you must be a Commonwealth citizen at the date of application, not necessarily at the date of birth. Additionally, you must be 17 or over. It is quite easy to prove the above mentioned, as you need to provide a current passport or other valid travel identification and your full birth certificate

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5 Year Route and 10 Year Route as a Partner UK Visa

When to choose a 5-year route as a partner and when the 10-year route should be considered.

There are two routes to settlement on the basis of family life as a partner, provided by Appendix FM viz 5-year route and a 10-year route. The 5-year route as a partner will be appropriate for those who meet all the suitability and eligibility requirements of the Immigration Rules at every stage. The 10-year route as a partner applies in respect of applications for leave to remain as a partner who meets all the suitability requirements, but only certain eligibility requirements.

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Brexit co to oznacza dla obywateli Unii Europejskiej mieszkających w Wielkiej Brytanii?

Z najnowszych wiadomości wynika, że Rząd Brytyjski osiągnął porozumienie z Unią Europejską odnośnie praw obywateli Unii Europejskiej. Obecnie wiemy, że status tych osób nie ulegnie zmianie aż do 1 stycznia 2021 r., tak więc do tego czasu ich prawo do mieszkania, pracy czy dostępu do funduszy publicznych na terenie Wielkiej Brytanii pozostanie niezmienne. Continue Reading →

Brexit Update- Permanent Residence or Settled Status for EU nationals in UK

What does Brexit mean for EU nationals?

The UK government has yet to reach a final agreement with the European Union on citizen’s rights, but according to the information on the government’s website and the recently published White Paper on Brexit, containing the Government’s proposal on how they intend to deal with the EU moving forward,  we know that EU citizen’s status will not change until the 1st of January 2021. Therefore, EU citizens will still have the same rights to live and work in the UK, as well as the same access to public funds and services as they do at the moment.

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